Renew Patch


Nature’s Frequencies Renew Patch utilizes a proprietary formula of powerful numerical frequencies and botanical ingredients known to renew, reset, restore, refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate your body inside and out to help you look and feel younger and healthier! The powerful ingredients in Renew are known to promote increased energy, vitality, and longevity.

Nature’s Frequencies Renew Patches are non-transdermal wearable energetic health and wellness patches programmed utilizing our US-Patented technology. 

The Renew Patch May Help…

-Rejuvenating & Revitalizing the Body Inside & Out
-Improving Skin Appearance & Radiance
-Increasing Energy & Vitality
-Enhancing Quality & Quantity of Sleep
-Improving Mobility & Flexibility
-Increasing Performance Endurance
-Reducing Discomfort & Inflammation
-Reducing Stress, Worry & Tension

Exclusively Available Through Prife International
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