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From the people
From the people
Bottom line, Mr. Rick and Mr. RJ Hassler, through years of research and testing, you have a highly impressive company with products that are enriching and changing lives of tens of thousands globally!
— Dr. Joe Goth, MD, DMD
From the people
What I have found to be the ultimate wellness & renewal protocol is 2 properly placed, as indicated on the info brochure provided with the Renew Patches, and the EMF earthing tag slipped into my bra. Men will have to use a neck chain. I wear the 2 patches 3 to 4 days, then replace. When I first started that protocol, I went through a cleansing for a couple of days, but after that, healing miracles began to happen!
— Sally (Sarah) P, N.D. USA
From the people
I used to get some tightening in the calves which I am led to believe could be caused by hardening of the arteries which is probably something that you do not want. After applying a Balance+ [Patch] and Nitro [Patch] on each calf I noticed that the discomfort in that area had subsided and became non-existent after a couple of days. One thing that I have noticed is that the recent release of Patches do not require tape to hold them on except where there is a lot of movement like as in the joints. So, what I did was put the Balance+ Patch on first and put the Nitro on top of the Balance+ Patch.
— Scott W. AUS
From the people
Wore 2 Nitro Patches on my chest and had more stamina than I've ever had gold prospecting! My husband had hurt his back earlier in the week. He's been wearing 2 Relief Patches on his lower back. He was able to move a huge rock all by himself today! Gold hides under big rocks in dried up riverbeds!
— Sally, AZ USA
From the people
I have to tell you I had soooo much energy today!! I felt absolutely incredible wearing both the nitro and renew patches! Also had the wow tag on as well! ... I didn’t even need coffee! I had so much clarity and focus. Got a lot done today. I’m very impressed with your products!🥰
— Devon F, USA