Energetic Insoles



Nature's Frequencies has developed a revolutionary product designed to assist with providing an 'energizing foundation" to walk, run, play, and assist with EMF protection.

The ENERGETIC INSOLES are uniquely programmed with specific frequencies, and vibrations, strategi­cally placed to coincide with reflexology points to assist with balancing, harmonizing, and optimizing your body's energetic fields.

Embedded in the TheraSole are 11 holograms strategically placed on the main energetic meridian points used in reflexology.  Each hologram has hundreds of frequencies programmed to create a unique "cocktail", including the earths frequency designed to rebalance your body's energy system by emulating "earthing" or grounding.  When the body comes into an energetic field it can easily be influenced.  This is why EMF and 5G networks are potentially so dangerous when you are exposed to these frequencies for prolonged periods of time. 

Insert one ENERGETIC INSOLE in each shoe. Either remove the old insole or place on top of the ex­isting insole. Fits many kinds of shoes. Adjust to your size by trimming the heel area as shown. Suitable to wear daily.