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Nature’s Frequencies has developed a revolutionary new product, the Recovery Insoles. Each insole is uniquely programmed utilizing US Patent Pending technology combining Sound and Light Frequencies with Longitudinal Scalar Waves.  This non-invasive insole includes a complete set of specifically placed and programmed holograms inside the layers, and will revolutionize the way athletes are able to compete and recover. Recovery Insoles are custom designed to optimize one’s cellular communication and increase blood flow, assisting one to recover faster and perform at their optimum levels.


The Recovery Insoles have are designed to assist with increased:

·       Strength 

·       Endurance 

·       Balance

·       Focus

·      Alleviation of Pain



Package Contents: 2 Recovery Insoles (1 for left foot, 1 for right foot)


A complex distribution network called the Meridian System supplies vital energy though every part of the body, allowing it to function properly.
 Disrupting the Meridian System may cause disease and breakdown of the immune system, potentially leading to health related issues.  
Nature’s Frequencies has developed a variety of Holographic Chips designed to combat these disruptive problems in 
targeted regions.   
 For optimal results it is important to keep properly hydrated and drink plenty of water while wearing Nature’s Frequencies Holographic Chips.   
Nature’s Frequencies Holographic Chips work naturally to support the healing and improvement of your health and overall well being.  
natures frequencies technology health well being



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